Interested in joining Iaido?

New student intakes are run on a semester basis, with new students accepted in January, May, and September. For each of these months, new students may come try practice at no charge. No fees will be due unless you decide to continue past the month trial period.

After the first month, there is an organization registration fee of $75 due, and ongoing fees of $60/month. We ask that fees be paid for the entire semester if possible. (The organization fee is one-time, and is covered if you are also, or already a member of the Edmonton Kendo Club or Edmonton Naginata Club.)

For your first practices, equipment is available to borrow. You will need to purchase an iaito or bokuto with saya (The club can provide bokuto, or we can suggest one of several online retailers, if you prefer) an obi, and kneepads by the end of your first month.